House Wife
House Wife

Can Evrenol wins Best Director at Melbourne's MonsterFest

Cult of Monster

'Housewife' is a Dive Off the Deep End into Unleashed Dream Logic

Bloody Disgusting

Can Evrenol's HOUSEWIFE Is A Nightmare You Can't Look Away From

Terror Time

HOUSEWIFE is an Imperfect but Impressive Neo-Giallo Nightmare

Daily Dead

Studio Visit with 'Housewife' Director Can Evrenol


Gore In The Store


'Baskin' director Can Evrenol talks about his next feature 'Housewife'


"The most solidly and notably Lovecraftian feature that has appeared in front of us in years"
- Brian Callahan, HP Lovecraft Film Festival®

"Hypnotic and grusome ode to Bava-esque Italian horror."
- Matt Barone, Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

"Infuses aspects of satanic movies from the 70's with Argento sensibilities, with a modicum of Lovecraft thrown in for good measure... a pitch-perfect dreamy atmosphere."
- Tom Kiesecoms, Razor Reel Film Festival

"Escalates to an utterly deranged climax, that's one for the end-times"
- Vancouver International Film Festival